Beat The Heat With Tea

Drinking tea can keep you cool on hot summer days. Here in New York we are in the midst of a heat-wave. The high humidity leaves us tired and exhausted. But you can cool down on a hot day by drinking a hot cup of tea. 

Yes, a hot cup of tea can cool you down, but only under certain circumstances. How does this work? When you drink a hot drink, you actually increase the amount that you sweat. The increased rate of perspiration is the key. Although sweat may seem like a nuisance, the body perspires for a very good reason. When sweat evaporates from the skin, energy is absorbed into the air as part of the reaction, thereby cooling down your body temperature. All the extra sweat produced as a result of the hot drink has to evaporate for it to have a cooling effect.

This hot-tip doesn't apply to every hot situation you may find yourself in. But on a hot day on the beach, a cup of hot tea might actually be the trick to help cool you down. Tea is made with water so you are actually hydrating your body and cooling it down quicker. 

Loose leaf tea makes best iced tea and any tea can be iced. Just follow the same steeping instructions while adding just a little more leaf so the ice doesn't water down the flavor. You can also add a bit of seltzer to most flavored tea or fruit tisanes for a bubbly treat. Tea is natural beverage and has no added sugar or preservatives. Stay cool and enjoy the many health benefits tea has as well. 

Peace, Love & Tea

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