Steeping the Perfect Cup of Tea

Begin with the right amount of loose leaf tea. Too much leaf will make the tea bitter and too little leaf will have no flavor. Always steep your tea according to the directions. 


The temperature of the water for the different varieties of tea is very important. Black tea requires boiling water at 212º F. Green tea water temperature should be 170º F to 185º F. You should never pour boiling water over green tea, it will singe the leaves and create a bitter brew. Bring the water to the recommended temperature and let it sit for a minute before pouring over the tea leaves.  White tea water temperature should be 170º F to 185º F. Just like green tea, let the water sit for a minute before pouring over the tea leaves to prevent singing the leaves. Oolong tea water temperature should be 185º- 190º F. Less temperature for lighter oolongs and more for darker oolong teas. Rooibos tea water temperature should be 212º FFruit Tisanes water temperature should be 212º F. Pu-erh tea water temperature should be 212º F. Herbal tea infusions water temperature should be 212º F.


Timing is very important.    

Black tea: steep 3-5 minutes. Darjeeling teas steep best with a 3 minute steep.

Green tea: steep 2-3 minutes

White tea: steep 2-3 minutes.

Rooibos tea: steep 5 minutes

Fruit Tisane: steep 5-7 minutes 

Pu-erh tea: steep 3-5 minutes. 

Herbal teas: steep 5-7 minutes.

Which ever tea you fancy, follow the steeping instructions and enjoy your cuppa!



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