Menopause and Tea

While this not a pleasant time for most women, myself included, I have found some relief to menopause by drinking tea. 

A woman's levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone start to decline during menopause. You can clearly see how it affects our mental and physical state of mind in our constant changing mood swings. Oh boy, I've gone from being happy one minute to and absolute nightmare the next. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a hot deserted island baking in the sun, then sometimes I'm in a bikini in an igloo trying to find a way to cool off! 

Luckily, I have personally found relief in a cup of tea, which has been used for many years to help treat menopause symptoms. There is an abundance of herbs that exist to treat specific menopause symptoms which makes it easy for you to customize your cup of tea. 

Black cohosh is an herb with the ability to treat a majority of menopause symptoms and can be found in tea or tablets. It helps put an end to hormonal imbalances. 

Black Cohosh Plant

Ginger is great spice to add to your tea to relieve any cramping or nausea some women experience during menopause.


Peppermint is a soothing herbal that can improve your mood swings. 


Most herbal teas are a great option to treat Hot Flashes. Our Tulsi Detox tea is an herbal tea with all the ingredients for a cleansing and soothing affect on your mind and body. 

Tulsi Detox

There is nothing we can do to prevent, eliminate or avoid menopause, but, at least we can ease the symptoms and mood swings with a great cup of herbal tea.

The above are some suggestions based on personal experience. You should always consult your personal physician and follow his/her recommendations. 

Peace, Love & Tea



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