Chocolate and Tea. Bite... Sip... Repeat...

Chocolate and Tea. The Tea Time Shop

Tea is the perfect accompaniment with many foods. If you're a tea lover and a chocoholic, tea and chocolate are a heavenly combination.

Experimenting is fun and to find which varieties of tea complement which types of chocolate, there are a few things to consider. Such as, the strength, depth, and subtle notes of the flavors you're trying to pair. Strong black teas like smoky laspang souchong will pair well with darker, more robust chocolates. White tea and most rooibos blends pair better with milk or white chocolate.  

The Tea Time Shop.

The earthy, grassy tones of green tea can hit the right note with an equally complex dark chocolate. Try a cup of green tea with a piece of 85% dark chocolate. Peppermint tea and moroccan mint tea pair nicely with caramel filled chocolate. 

Tea should not wash away the flavor of the chocolate you are trying to pair. You should combine flavors that will stand up to each other. To do this, take a bite of chocolate and then a sip of tea, if you can still taste the flavor of the chocolate, then it's a good pairing. 

Chocolate and Tea. The Tea Time Shop

Finally, quality matters in order to get the most out of your pairing. It should be good quality chocolate made with 85% cocoa butter. This means 85% percent of the ingredients come from the cacao bean, and 15% is sugar. Less expensive chocolates have hydrogenated oils, more sugar, and they can lack the rich, deep flavor your looking for when pairing it with tea.

Chocolate and Tea. The Tea Time Shop

February is a perfect time to experiment with tea and chocolate pairings. There are so many good quality chocolates available thanks to Valentine's Day! 

Valentine's Day. The Tea Time Shop

Peace, Love, Tea & Chocolate!

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