Tea with Mom

It comes only once a year but Mother's should be celebrated everyday of the year! These are the women who made us who we are, the women who brought us up, the women who have kept on bringing us up no matter how adult we claim to be. Your mom gave you life, and made you her first priority. There is no stronger love than that of a mother for her children. 

My mom raised me to be a strong, powerful and independent woman. I learned from her that if I believe in myself, I could accomplish anything. Hard work, determination and commitment are qualities I saw in my mom every day. I am a dreamer, and my mom encouraged my dreams every day, no matter how small they were. 

I am a mother and living my best life because of the lessons I learned from my mom. My love for tea inspired my online tea shop. We have been blessed with loyal customers that we value very much. We pack every tea with TLC and make your experience a memorable one from the moment your package arrives. Every order receives a free sample and sometimes even a free tea accessory.

Our teas are sourced only from the best Tea Gardens because you deserve quality tea and we keep our prices low because we want to make tea affordable to everyone. 

Stay on this tea journey with us, invite your friends, invite your mom and enjoy a cup of tea with us! 

Peace, Love & Tea 


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