A cup of Coffee or a Cup of Tea?

I'm sure you've heard that a cup of tea can fix anything. While it may not be able to solve the problems of the World today at least it can help you feel better and live a healthier lifestyle. A cup of coffee is the only way some people can start their day. The caffeine content in coffee is much higher than tea and some of us need that first thing in the morning. 

The similarities between coffee and tea are similar yet different. Sounds a bit confusing but let us explain. 

On a hot day tea can be very hydrating and it replenishes your fluids quicker because it's made of water. Coffee can actually dehydrate you more.

Both tea and coffee have caffeine but tea has less. They are both stimulants but the difference is that tea can give you that much needed boost to keep you going. Coffee's caffeine boost is short-lived and can actually reduce your energy level quicker than tea. 

Tea is your 1-2-3 beverage. Yes, instant coffee makers are becoming more and more popular but there is nothing more satisfying or fresher than a cup of loose leaf tea. Steeping is easy, all you need is hot water, fresh leaf, and infuser. 

Tea can also help you lose weight. The chemical in fresh tea leaves (EGCG) helps boost your metabolism to give your more energy to exercise and burn more calories. Studies have also shown that tea can reduce certain types of cancers and cardiovascular diseases too.

The compounds in black tea can attack harmful bacteria in your mouth that cause gum disease and cavities. Coffee can stain your teeth and too much coffee can cause bad breath. Tea in moderation doesn't stain your teeth. 

Consuming green tea can reduce stress and give you a sense of calm. It works as an antidepressant by boosting your mood if you're feeling a little low. 

The benefits of tea in our opinion are better than coffee. Tea strengthens your immune system and helps your body fight the next cold, allergy or other ailment you may experience. Tea's been around for centuries and its reputation is better than coffee's. A lot of people have switched to tea for the health benefits and because it has less caffeine than coffee. Tea has antioxidants that reduce inflammation, fight against certain cancers, help with memory loss associated with Alzheimer's, and green tea can boost your metabolism to help you lose weight, relax and sleep better.

But remember everything is always better in moderation. 

Have a cup of tea with us!


Peace, Love & Tea

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