Tea Regions

Different regions around the world produce different teas with distinct flavor profiles. They include India, Ceylon, China, and South Africa. The most commonly consumed and the most oxidized tea is Black. 

Ceylon Tea. The Tea Time Shop.Ceylon tea is grown on the hillsides of Sri Lanka and produce a rich golden liquor with excellent flavor.


Assam Tea. The Tea Time Shop.Assam teas are grown in the Northeast section of India and are strong full-bodied tea with rich and robust flavor. Many tea lovers consider it their wake-me-up tea.


Darjeeling Tea. The Tea Time Shop.Darjeeling produces high quality tea grown in the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains in Northern India. Darjeeling tea is described as the "champagne of teas" and the second flush teas are well-known for their "Muscatel" flavor. 


Rooibos Tea. The Tea Time Shop.South Africa is known for its Rooibos or Red Tea. A naturally non-caffeinated tea high in antioxidants. It also has a soothing affect to calm our busy life-styles. The bushes are green and cut down to smaller pieces, laid out to dry. The intense sunlight turns the Rooibos to a rich dark red color. 


So, the next time you steep a cup of tea, close your eyes, inhale the aroma, take a sip and let it linger on your pallet, open your eyes and look at the liquor, and you will be surprised how much you never really noticed in your tea cup. 

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