Tisane Tea

A Tisane tea is a naturally non-caffeinated blend of fruits, nuts and flowers. They are packed with healing power and when steeped release their essential oils creating a unique flavor profile. Sometimes they are referred to as herbal teas or flower teas and have been known for their therapeutic benefits. High in vitamin C, nutrients, and antioxidants. Each tisane has a different flavor, wellness benefit, and a digestible form of plant vitamins and nutrients.

Fruit Tisane Tea. The Tea Time ShopThe most common ingredient of most tisanes is Hibiscus. It's the ingredient that produces the red color and tart sweetness in the tea. Hibiscus is also high in Vitamin C. Get the best hibiscus tea here. Tisane blenders use dried fruits, fruit peel, fruit oils, blossoms, and spices to create just the right taste and desired benefit.

Hibiscus Tea. The Tea Time Shop


But, the biggest benefit of Tisane tea is, it's naturally non-caffeinated. A great alternative tea for anyone with caffeine sensitivity. Tisanes offer a wide range of flavors for regular tea drinkers as well.  

A tisane you may have enjoyed at a Tea Shop or Cafe is Toasted Almond. It is one of our most popular, full of toasted almond pieces, apple, cinnamon pieces, beetroot pieces and flavoring.

Toasted Almond Fruit Tisane. The Tea Time Shop

Our Pacific Passionfruit tisane is just as popular. It's a blend of berries, hibiscus, papaya, orange peel, sultanas, blackcurrants and passionfruit. 

South Pacific Fruit Tisane. The Tea Time Shop

During hot weather months tisanes become more popular as an alternative to sugary soft drinks. It can replace your summer iced tea and with some added fresh fruit pieces they make a wonderful summer punch. Shop our selection here

Ice Tea. The Tea Time Shop

Peace, Love & Tea

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