What is a Tisane?

Pacific Passion Fruit Tisane

Tisanes are made of fruits, nuts and flowers. When these combinations are steeped they release their essential oils creating a unique flavor profile. They are caffeine-free so they won't keep you up! Tisanes are packed with healing power and health benefits and have also been known for the therapeutic benefits and are high in vitamin C, nutrients and antioxidants. Each variety offers a different flavor, wellness benefit and a digestible form of plant vitamins and nutrients.

Goji Melon Fruit Tisane

Fruit tisanes are caffeine free blends, the most common ingredient is Hibiscus flower that produces a red color and tart sweetness. Hibiscus is high in Vitamin C, blenders use dried fruits, fruit peel, fruit oils, blossoms and spices to create just the right taste and desired benefit.

The biggest benefit of Tisane tea is the lack of caffeine. There is certain level of caffeine in tea but Tisane teas have NO caffeine, they are naturally non-caffeinated and this is very helpful for people with caffeine sensitivity. They offer a wide range of flavors for regular tea drinkers. People who love tea can experience various tastes from bitter to earthy in tisane teas and of course, the taste of fruit which can be a pleasant experience because there are many vitamins in fruit that are good for your health. 

Toasted Almond Fruit Tisane

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