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Loose Leaf Black Tea



Loose leaf black tea is packed with healthy antioxidants, plus natural phenols and polyphenols that can affect flavor and mouthfeel and are known to provide potential health benefits. Based on scientific research, black tea provides anti-cancer benefits, is good for digestion, and has beneficial effects for your skin, hair, and teeth. 

Our collection of loose leaf black and organic black tea ranges from brisk, malty, and smoky types of black tea to flavors with a wonderful fruity or sweet note that lingers on your palate. Buy black tea online from our luxury collection and discover new flavors to sip and enjoy, plus old favorites that offer a dose of comfort in every cup.

If you like your black tea strong we recommend increasing the amount of leaf per cup until you find the right strength, and follow the steeping instructions that are on the package for best results. Note that steeping the tea longer than the recommended time does not increase the strength of the cup, and too long of a steep can singe the leaves and result in a bitter and astringent cup.

On average, an 8-ounce cup of black tea contains approximately 14-70 mg of caffeine. However, some types of black tea can contain higher amounts of caffeine, up to 90 mg per 8-ounce cup. It's also worth noting that caffeine content can decrease if the tea is steeped for a longer period, and increase if the tea is brewed with hotter water for a shorter period.

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Free tea sample and tea filter included with every purchase.