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Black TTS Kit

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Tea Time Shop Tea Kit Black includes:

Irish Breakfast Blend Tea. Brew yourself a cup of Irish Breakfast Blend for a bold and satisfying start to your day. A unique blend of India and China black teas with gold tips, this flavor-forward tea steeps a dark liquor and full-bodied cup that is stronger than English Breakfast. For a rich and flavorful experience that stands up to milk and sugar, Irish Breakfast Blend is the perfect choice.

China Keemun Tea. China Keemun Black Tea is produced using techniques adapted from Fujian province Farmers and has been a staple of Chinese tea for over a century. This premium tea offers a distinctive aroma and a light smoky flavor, resulting in a deep reddish-brown liquor. It is a highly popular and well-regarded tea with no astringency. Enjoy this unique tea for its smokiness and rich flavor.

Premium Breakfast Tea. Premium Breakfast Blend Black Tea is an organic robust black tea blend, perfect for any time of day. Steep a dark infusion with a full-bodied flavor, enjoy the strong and robust blend to energize you. Try it for yourself and taste the difference!

  • Tea Measuring Spoon
  • Tea Filters
  • Tea Treat

Each individual bag makes approximately 12 cups. 


India / China

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