Reading Tea Leaves

There is an art to Reading Tea Leaves, and it's a centuries old one that is still highly respected in the East. Tasseography (also known as tasseomancy or tassology) is a divination or fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments. 

With the popularity of tea growing, some Tea Rooms are offering this art again. Try finding one in your area and have your tea leaves read. 

If you can't find one and are curious about what your future holds, try these simple steps at home: 

  • Bring water to a boil, add your tea leaves and steep as directed; pour the liquid unstrained, into your cup.
  • Drink most of your tea and leave a teaspoon of liquid and tea leaves in your cup.
  • Take the cup by the handle in your left hand and ask for guidance about your future.
  • Swirl the tea leaves and the liquid counter-clockwise in your cup. 
  • Turn the cup over on your saucer and wait for the liquid to drain out.
  • Turn the cup right-side up and look at the pattern of the tea leaves.

The tea leaves closes to the top of your cup represent the future, leaves at the bottom of the cup represent the distant future and the leaves near the handle of the cup are said to represent home.

Here are the tea leaf formations to look for:

  • Leaves in the shape of a tree represents success and happiness.
  • Leaves in the shape of a star, moon, or sun represents good luck.
  • Leaves in the shape of a ladder shape represents a promotion.
  • Leaves in the shape of a ring shape represents marriage or love.
  • Leaves in the shape of a triangle shape represents an inheritance.
  • Leaves in the shape of an acorn represent continued health or improved health.

  • Leaves in the shape of an anchor represent the lucky symbol. Success in business or in love.
  • Leaves in the shape of an owl represent sickness or poverty which is warning you against starting a new venture. 
  • Leaves in the shape of palm tree represent a good sign, there is success ahead. 
  • Leaves in the shape of an elephant represent good luck, good health and happiness.

  • Leaves in the shape of birds represent flying. Good news in the direction your headed and a fortunate journey. 
  • Leaves in the shape of triangles represent unexpected good fortune. 

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