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Twin Jasmine Blooming Tea

1 oz.
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Flowering artisan hand-tied green tea balls scented with jasmine blossoms with a  double Chrysanthemum Flower tucked inside. Steeps a golden, and fragrant cup. 

Shop our selection of blooming green tea balls and enjoy a luxury experience that ignites multiple senses. Our other blooming teas include Guava Fruit Blooming Tea, Strawberry Blooming TeaLotus Flower Blooming Tea, and more, and we also offer an extensive collection of premium teas of all varieties so that you can create the ultimate tea shop right in your own home.

Steeping Instructions

Use 1 tea ball per 16 oz.'s of water. Boil water to 185ºF. Pour into a 16 oz. glass teapot or glass cup. Drop one tea ball inside and let it steep for 5 minutes or until the flower has completely unfurled. Tea can be re-infused by adding more hot water. 

Approximately 5-6 individual Blooming Tea Balls per 1 oz.

Origin: China

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