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Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea



Shop our quality selection of loose leaf rooibos tea and enjoy a naturally non-caffeinated beverage with great flavor and a ton of health benefits.

Rooibos, also known as Red Bush or Red Tea is harvested, and processed similar to the camellia sinensis tea plant. When harvesting the rooibos plant is cut by hand and its stems, and leaves are bound into bundles, which are then sorted and cut to begin the oxidation process. Oxidation is what brings out the plant’s essential oils and helps the leaves develop their rich color, and flavor. 

Our premium collection included a variety of flavors including green rooibos. A less oxidized rooibos that is steamed and dried immediately after harvesting. 

Rooibos is a naturally non-caffeinated and a rich source of antioxidants. Rooibos contains chrysoeriol, an anti-inflammatory property that can help blood circulation, and can help alleviate seasonal allergies.  

Buy rooibos tea online and get quality and convenience, plus the best selection of organic rooibos tea chosen by tea lovers for tea lovers. While you’re here, shop our other luxury tea collections too, including green teaswhite teasoolong teas, and a selection of customer favorites. Free tea sample and disposable tea filter included with every order.