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Matcha Powder Tea Canister

1 oz.
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Ceremonial grade Matcha from Japan is grown under shade for a few weeks beforehand, inducing increases in chlorophyll levels that give Matcha its rich emerald hue. Cup for cup, Matcha contains approximately 2-3x more caffeine than steeped tea, equivalent to the amount in a regular cup of coffee. Yet, sensibly, the L-theanine in Matcha leads to an alert, tranquil feeling, instead of a potentially jittery buzz.

Origin: Japan


Preparing Matcha 

Use a bowl or a cup. Boil water to 185° and add 1/2 teaspoon of Matcha powder per 3 oz.'s of water. Whisk the Matcha powder with a bamboo whisk in a bowl or cup until the Matcha powder is completely dissolved. Whisk vigorously and when whisked properly it should look frothy and bright green.

Matcha is a nourishing beverage and once prepared it should be consumed in its entirety. We recommend storing Matcha in the refrigerator.

Approximately 15 servings per canister.

Caffeine content - High. Matcha contains between 19 and 44 milligrams of caffeine per gram of tea (mg/g). 

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