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Apricot and Peach Iced Tea

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Enjoy a delicious mix of Nilgiri black tea and apricot and peach flavors with ease. Our Apricot and Peach Iced Tea conveniently comes in a 1 oz. ready to steep pouch. Enjoy a refreshing iced by adding fresh or frozen fruit and a splash of seltzer for a bubbly kick. Also great for summer cocktails! 

Available in a 5/pack, 10/pack, or single sample pouch. Each individual pouch makes 16 cups. 


Iced Tea. The Tea Time Shop


Steep 1 tea pouch in 8 cups of water at 212º F for 5 minutes. Remove the tea pouch and add 8 cups of cold water. Place in the refrigerator to chill. Pour chilled tea in a glass with ice and garnish with your favorite fresh or frozen fruit.  

Each 1 oz. tea pouch makes 16 cups. 

Caffeine content: Moderate

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