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Tea Master Cupping Set

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A tea master is an expert who can identify the drink's origin, aromas, mouthfeel, and much more.

Tea masters know tea like the back of their hand; they know teas' characteristics, can pair food perfectly with different brews, and perform tea ceremonies.

Some professional tea masters use boiling water and steep many teas for 5 or 6 minutes. This is to ensure that all the flavor notes come out, even if it means the tea will become bitter and over-steeped, but this helps the trained master able to identify all the positive and negative characteristics of the tea. 

Our three piece cupping set includes a lidded cup and bowl. White is also the ideal color for cupping to observe all the characteristics of your steeped leaves. 

Instructions on how to use included with purchase. 


Made of fine porcelain. Hand washing recommended.  

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