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Herbal Tea

Any infusion made from any plant other than Camellia sinensis are actually called herbal infusions or tisanes. They have tremendous flavor and health benefits. But they are NOT a tea. Herbal infusions are made from plants and plant parts. Such as, the leaves, stems and flower.

Here are the most common Herbals:

Chamomile - made form chamomile flowers and provide a calming effect often used to help you sleep.


                                                               Peppermint - has long been used to aid stomach ailments and digestion.



Ginger - can be used to help alleviate nausea and morning sickness. It has also been used to help ease the nausea caused by some cancer treatments.

Lemon Balm - helps with anxiety and insomnia.




Milk thistle - is said to help liver functioning and detoxification.

Rosehips - are used to treat arthritis and contain antioxidants. 






Our nation is stressed out and Societal stress is at an all time high. But help is here! Medical evidence has shown that several herbals and tisanes provide easy, cost-effective ways to relieve stress. 

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