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The Tea Plant


They are many types of tea produced and enjoyed globally, and even though they all look and taste different, they come from the same evergreen plant, Camellia sinensis. This little plant has the ability to adapt naturally to its ambient conditions, making it suited to the region in which it is grown. 

Just like wine, each tea has its own individual profile and character, even teas of the same variety are different based on the terroir in which the plant is grown. So, don't assume every Assam, Green, Oolong or White tea will have the same flavor profile because the specific conditions where the tea plant is grown plays a big part in its quality and character. 

The manufacturing process also determines the type of tea produced. Fully oxidized leaves produce black tea, unoxidized leaves produce green tea, semi-oxidized leaves produce oolong. White tea, which is the least oxidized is mostly produced in China's Fujian province it is the least processed of all teas. It takes the longest time to produce as well (2-3 days). This provides a slight natural oxidation because of the long withering process. After 2 days the leaves are baked at a low heat, sorted and baked again.