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Pets Can Relieve Stress

Being a pet owner comes with a lot responsibility. Finding the time time to walk a dog or change a litter box can seem like a stressful task. But it's worth it because pets have a way of relieving all the stress in our lives. 

High blood pressure is a physical measure of stress and just being around animals can lower your blood pressure. Looking at pictures of animals or watching an aquarium can have the same effect. 

Pets can also decrease your reaction to stressful situations. Looking at your pet when you are trying to solve a difficult problem can help lower your stress level. Think of your pet next time your at the dentist, just thinking about them can lower the anxiety you feel sitting in the chair. 

Pet owners get more exercise because their responsibility to their dogs motivates them to take walks. Walking can alleviate  stress, improve your mood and it's a great way to stay fit. 

Pets also provide companionship and encourage friendly interactions with other people. They can help you change your perception of people and their perception of you. People with pets are more approachable and are less likely to feel lonely. 

Interacting with your pet keeps you focused on the present. A game of fetch or frisbee keeps you in the moment and away from your phone. 

Petting your dog or cat can also lower your heart rate because the experience is relaxing and rewarding for both you and your furry baby. 

Pets have a way of doing the silliest things and when they make us laugh it lowers stress and anxiety. 

Pets are the most trusted companions, they are loyal and devoted to their families and they help us have a calmer approach to life.