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Rooibos Tea Benefits for your Dog

Rooibos tea is a healthy brew for your Dog. It's rich in vitamin C, and boasts two flavonoids called quercetin (natures natural antihistamine) and luteolin, which has cancer-fighting properties. 

Rooibos Tea, is the number one choice for tea as part of a healthy diet for dogs. This rich red tea is an anti-inflammatory with the power to help fight allergies, cancer, and boost the immune system. Just brew the tea, allow it to cool, and store it in a glass jar in the refrigerator. You can add it to your dog's meals, or use it topically to help ease skin discomfort like itching, scratching and hot spots. It's also a great soak for irritated paws. 

Rooibos is finding it's way into health products in most pet stores. It's an ingredient in some dog treats, shampoos, and anti-itch oils because of the health benefits they can provide your dog.