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The History of Irish Tea

The Irish tea culture is an important Irish custom and is enjoyed more than alcohol and at all hours. In fact, the Irish are the heaviest tea drinkers in the world, they average four to six cups of tea per day. As a guest in any Irish household, you can be sure to be offered a cup of tea as an icebreaker. 

In a country that's cold and rainy for most of the year, tea is considered important to keep tempers pleasant. In the 1960's Ireland's tea companies began buying their Assam tea from India because Assam produces strong, robust teas with a higher levels of tannins. They blended the Assam tea with a lighter Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka producing the invigoration tea we have all come to know as Irish Breakfast. 

Irish tea is an important Irish custom and is a symbol of hospitality, camaraderie and friendship.  

Enjoy your cuppa!