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Genmaicha Green Tea

4 oz.
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Uncover the unique, nutty sweetness of Genmaicha Green Tea. Each cup is a mix of Bancha green tea, popped corn, and toasted rice from Kyoto, designed to give you a low-caffeine and low-acid beverage with added antioxidants and vitamins. Enjoy a soothing, guilt-free cup of tea that's rich in health benefits.

Kyoto was the birthplace of genmaicha, where legend tells of a tea farmer who mixed roasted brown rice (as a filler) in with his cheapest blends so that poor people could afford a pound of “tea” and get some extra vitamins and minerals along with the tea.

Genmaicha contains very little caffeine and is much less acidic than other teas because of the starch from the rice. The tea contains a range of antioxidants as well as ascorbic acid, both of which are thought to aid the immune system.


Use 1 teaspoon per 8 oz. cup. Steep at 185º for 2 minutes. Tea can be re-infused multiple times by adding 1 minute to each additional steep.



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