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Guava Fruit Blooming Tea

1 oz.
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Enjoy a light and fruity cup of tea with Guava Fruit Blooming Tea. This artisan tea ball is hand-tied and contains green tea with Guava flavor and a Pink Amaranth Flower tucked inside to add subtle sweetness. Experience the wonderful flavor of Guava in every cup.


Use 1 tea ball per 16 oz.'s of water. Boil water to 185ºF. Pour into a 16 oz. glass teapot or glass cup. Drop one tea ball inside and let it steep for 5 minutes or until the flower has completely unfurled. Tea can be re-infused by adding more hot water. 

Approximately 5-6 individual Blooming Tea Balls per 1 oz.



Caffeine content: Made with loose green tea leaves hand-tied with blooming edible flowers. The caffeine content is approximately 24-45 mg per for 8 oz. cup. 

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