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The Benefits of Tea: A Relaxing and Healthy Treat Are you looking for a healthy and relaxing way to unwind? Drinking tea can help you do just that! Most tea lovers keep a variety of tea in their cupboards, including loose leaf green tea, loose leaf black tea, oolong tea, and jasmine tea – a soothing and euphoric brew. Two of the most popular types of tea are loose leaf green tea and loose leaf black tea. Green tea is known for its high antioxidant content and is linked to potential benefits such as improved memory, brain cell protection and even delaying the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Its flavor profile can range from vegetal to naturally sweet. Black tea is full of polyphenols that help to remove free radicals and reduce cell damage in the body. It is also great for dental health and heart health, and the flavor can range from robust to mellow. Drinking tea can help you lead a healthier lifestyle by providing you with a powerful source of antioxidants. It can also help you relax and beautify your surroundings, providing a perfect escape from stress. Looking for the best online tea shopping experience? Look no further than The Tea Time Shop! We offer over 200 quality loose leaf teas, steeping essentials and beautiful teaware – all in one convenient place.

How many cups of tea can I steep from 1oz of loose leaf tea?

The number of 8oz cups you can steep from 1 oz of loose leaf tea varies depending on the type of tea and the strength of the brew desired, but a general guideline is that 1 oz of loose leaf tea can make approximately 10 to 15 cups of tea. Typically, 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea (about 2-3 grams) is used per 8oz cup of water. Since 1 oz is approximately 28 grams, this means you can steep roughly 10 cups if you use 2.8 grams per cup, or closer to 14-15 cups if you use slightly less tea per cup. Multiple steepings of high-quality loose leaf teas can further increase the number of cups you can brew from the same leaves.


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