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Tea is a wonderful way to relax and improve your health. Most people who love drinking tea have a variety of different tea ready to steep in their cupboards. Some of them include loose leaf green tea, loose leaf black tea, oolong tea, and the relaxing and euphoric jasmine tea.

Two of the most common types of tea are loose leaf green tea and loose leaf black tea. Green Tea is one of the healthiest of all teas, and one of the most popular too. Several studies show that green tea has the potential to protect brain cells, improve memory, and delay Alzheimer’s. Green tea can range from very vegetal in flavor to some mild, and naturally sweet flavors.  

Black tea is full of polyphenols that can help remove free radicals, and decrease cell damage in the body. It can improve dental health and is heart healthy. Black tea flavor can range from a strong bold flavor to a milder flavor with less astringency. 

Tea can help you lead a healthier lifestyle because it is packed with antioxidants to improve your health. It can relax you and even beautify your surroundings to help clear your mind and manage stress.

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