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Matcha Tea

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Matcha is shade-grown for a few weeks before it is harvested. This process increases the chlorophyll levels and gives Matcha its vibrant green color. Matcha is a very fine powder and should be handled carefully. A ceremonial Japanese grade tea powder ground from fine green tea leaves. Excellent for shakes, lattes, and smoothies. 

Matcha is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols that can protect against heart disease and regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, and contains natural anti-aging properties. A powerful polyphenol in matcha is EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which research has shown to boost metabolism and slow the growth of cancer cells. 

A cup of matcha contains approximately 2-3 times more caffeine than a cup of caffeinated steeped tea. Which is about the same amount of caffeine you'd get in a regular cup of coffee. But, the caffeine-buzz effect is different. Matcha creates a wonderful alertness and calm from the L-Theanine that promotes relaxation without drowsiness, making it synergistic with caffeine. 

Matcha Tea. The Tea Time Shop

Preparing Matcha

Use 1/4 teaspoon per 4 oz.'s of hot water at 180º F. Whisk the Matcha powder with a bamboo whisk in a bowl until the Matcha powder is dissolved. Once it is whisked properly the result is a frothy and bright green liquid. Matcha is a nourishing beverage and once prepared it should be consumed in its entirety. We recommend storing Matcha in the refrigerator.



Free Whisk

Matcha Whisk. The Tea Time Shop.

Get 2 Bamboo Whisk included FREE when you purchase 1 lb. of Matcha powder. 

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