Organic Ti Kwan Yin Oolong is a lightly oxidized China oolong fragrant with sweet mellow notes.

Organic Green Oolong Tea

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Organic Green Oolong (Organic Ti Kwan Yin) is lightly oxidized and fragrant with sweet mellow notes. Ti Kwan Yin is the most famous of all organic oolongs grown in China's Jiangxi Province. The balled emerald green leaves steep a pale gold liquor and smooth body. 


Use 1 teaspoon per 8 oz. cup. Bring water to a boil and let it cool slightly before pouring over tea leaves. Steep 3 minutes. Tea can be re-infused by adding 1 minute to each steep.

Water temperature: 185 ºF

China, Jiangxi province

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Based on 1 review