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Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea



Explore the World of Darjeeling Teas – From the 1st Flush to Monsoon Blend Darjeeling teas are some of the most famous and highly-regarded teas worldwide. They offer a range of complex flavors that are unique to each harvest. Darjeeling 1st Flush Spring Harvest Tea: This tea is a great choice if you want a fragrant cup with a delicate balance of floral notes and a slight astringency. It's a classic first flush tea from a single-origin. Darjeeling 2nd Flush Summer Harvest Tea: This darker Darjeeling tea has an exquisite aroma steeps a copper-color cup with muscatel grape and forest notes. It's a single-origin tea that is perfect for those who prefer a stronger brew. Darjeeling Premium Autumn Harvest Tea: With distinct nutty notes and green tips, this tea steeps a stronger cup than first and second flush harvests. It's a single-origin tea that is perfect for autumn days. Darjeeling Premium Green Tea: This single-origin organic tea is cultivated to produce a smooth, mellow flavor with no trace of grassiness. Enjoy its unparalleled quality with every sip. Darjeeling Monsoon Tea: A unique blend of the best teas with a pleasant aroma and satisfying flavor. Notes of woodsy complexity round out the taste for a delicious cup every time. Take a sip of any of our Darjeeling tea and discover how each one is wonderful in its own way.

Free tea sample and tea filter included with every purchase.